The Black Widow


The good thing about wearing a black dress is that it gives you a sophisticated and confident look. What I love about this dress is that you can wear it anywhere, anytime, and in any place. You may want to stroll in the mall, attend your classes in school, or hang out with your friends in a restaurant with this piece of clothing.


I just came from my proposal defense which honestly gave me a nerve-racking feeling but I was still able to find a white wall and have these photos taken. I have to thank my friend, Cheska, for suggesting this place and for taking my photos, as well.

image-f2adc5a5e621fa2f0b68af6cc8484c3e7ce5265b935997c65c22d240e6da6e2d-V image-dec56ab8fa5c59f431742cfeac8769b5baceeabb6651ea5c43b9ebbdfaa51b2c-V image-de5fe82fb50fd5d940f000901cfb2380ab24c277c0a8d6d71e9165a5656459be-V

image-b3db9ae462da828df7ef58e75974b87c0fd9c5cba9706804356d40628e8bc0a7-V image-4ce4b3b930693533df79e06a44ee3ab4edab1278b984e56385dc0e2219227adc-V


And the best advantage of wearing this kind of dress is that it actually makes one look thinner. Guess I have to wear black dresses more often then?

Bear with me since this is the very first post I have in this blog. Stay updated! Thank you for sparing your time in reading my messy thoughts. xx

Photo by Cheska Antonio
Dress from Candy
Shoes from SM Parisian


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